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Payment Terms
  1. Ways of payment:
    Way of payment : We accept bank transfer, cashier's check, money order and personal check. We also accept payment thru Paypal with a transaction fee of 2.95% (within continental USA) or a fee of 3.9% (outside of continental USA) for each payment amount. There will also be a 1% cross-border fee for Paypal transactions outside of continental USA. The fee for bank transfer is US$35.00 per transaction.

  2. Arrangement of payment:
    -For order of total value over U$6,000.00 – 40% deposit upon the confirmation of order, and the balance is due when the order is completed and ready for shipment and the customer will be notified prior to it.
    -For order of total value between US$2,000.00 – US6,000.00 – 60% deposit upon the confirmation of order, and the balance is due when the order is completed and ready for shipment and the customer will be notified prior to it..
    -For order of total value below US$2,000.00 – Full order amount is due upon confirmation of the order.

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  1. Production will proceed upon our receipt of the deposit or order payment.
  2. For ordered quantity less than 1000 pcs for most of the items (please refer to the listed-below quantity for each individual item), the production would be usually made using the available fabric, within the standard weight range, in our inventory so that it’s sincerely recommended to confirm with us for the availability of the color and quantity at the time of placing order.

    Adult leotard – 800-1200 pcs

    Children leotard, tutus -- 1200-1600 pcs

    Dance skirts -- 3000 pcs

    Tops -- 1800-2200 pcs

    Pants and Capris -- 800-1500 pcs

    Shorts -- 2000-2500 pcs

    Warm-up items – 1500-1800 pcs

    Others -- 1000-1200 pcs

    * Quantity range applies to the different single item under the same category.

  3. For ordered quantity more than the listed-above for each individual item, the production will be made using the custom-ordered fabric, which will be based on the customer’s specifically required color and weight. It is required that the customer approves the fabric sample before mass order production.
  4. We make every effort possible to offer a very constant products in related to fabric feeling, fabric weight, color and size. Nevertheless, two shipments of garments in the same style might not be absolutely identical because of their handcrafted quality. Besides, the inherent nature of the fabrics selected and the different dye lots of fabric may result in the slight difference in fabric weight and color shade.
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Delivery (lead time)
  • For order of total quantity up to 2,000 pcs -  3 - 8 weeks depend on specified styles.
  • For order of total quantity up to 4,000 pcs -  6 - 10 weeks depend on specified styles.
  • For order of total quantity up to 8,000 pcs -  8 - 12 weeks depend on specified styles
  • For order of total quantity up to 10,000 pcs - 10 - 15 weeks depend on specified styles.
  • For order of total quantity over 10,000 pcs – Please contact us for details.
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  • For the shipment to be entered into USA, transfer shipment thru Taiwan will be arranged, this is for lowering the customer’s shipping expenses by consolidating the various shipments from China at different areas.
  • For the shipment going to other countries other than USA, it will be arranged directly from China.
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Minimum order requirement
  • For wholesale orders there is a minimum of USD $1,000 per order. Also, there is a minimum of 36 pcs per style/color and 8 pcs per size.
  • For non-wholesale orders (total value of the ordered merchandize is less than USD $1,000) there is a minimum of 3 dozens per style/color. There will also be a surcharge of 8% in addition to the wholesale pricing.
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Sample requirement
  • Samples are strongly recommended before placing any mass production order
  • Samples will be shipping from USA office, Taiwan office or China factory depending on the inventory availability
  • Samples will be charged with the value listed in our wholesale pricing plus 8% handling charge and the actual shipping cost. The sample charge (excluding shipping cost) of the styles selected will be fully reimbursed when the formal wholesale order (minimum USD $1,000 of merchandise value) is placed.
  • The sample reimbursement only applies to the first time sample offering for style reference of our own designs. The reimbursement does not include the custom-made counter samples and the second round samples requested for approval on sizes or other special purpose.
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Customer's designated private label & logo
  • Customer's private labels and logos are accepted to place on the garments. Label and logo costs will be quoted depending on the design and colorations requested. Alternatively, customers can provide the labels themselves.
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Return & Exchange

Return and Exchange policy is not applicable for the following conditions, unless for the serious fabric flaw or workmanship defect.

  1. For any order with the customer’s private label or brand logo.
  2. For any order with the quantity less than 1000 pcs/per item (for most of our items and please contact us for the quantity required details of each individual item) and all the production is made using the available fabric in our factory inventory.
For the qualified order to claim for the return/exchange, please follow the steps:
  1. Please submit the samples of garment with problem for our check and approval.
  2. After the claim is approved and accepted, please return the problem garments at the customer’s expense of the shipping expense.
  3. Any claim must be submitted within 60 days after the shipment is duly received by the customers.
  4. The whole value of the returned products will be credited to the customer’s account, instead of the cash refund, and the credit will be only used for the future purchase of the samples or formal orders.
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