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The combination of fair pricing, quality production and maximal flexibility all make us one of the most competitive manufacturers around. In terms of production, we are based in China where we can provide the best prices for our customers. Cheaper labor costs means we can better utilize manpower to do what's the most important: To satisfy our customer's varying needs for a spectrum of styles as well as manufacturing with careful attention. Our ability to produce many custom-made products without increasing cost definitely sets us apart in the industry.

Low prices don't equal inferior quality though; the workers we employ are the best in the Chinese textile industry. (We are a strong advocate of fair labor practice, and use no child labor in the making of our products.) We take pride in the quality of our products, from basic leotards to fancy tutus. We also take cues from leading manufacturers such as Sansha and Capezio as the basis for further product improvement. Thus, you will be dealing with a producer that is always looking to improve product quality.

Flexibility is our ultimate advantage unrivaled by other manufacturers. We are capable to handle all order sizes with ease while other manufacturers are callous to such demands. But we are a down-to-earth business that doesn't only mind our own profits, we try to view each and every order as a challenge no matter what size it is. Our flexibility is further proven by our ability to handle all sorts of custom orders, many of which are out of our production niche but eventually turned out to be key products for us. Thus, we don't dismiss any product as "undoable".

So, what are you waiting for? Come and feel the New Idea International experience for yourself!





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